Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos You Need This Winter

Ah, the seasonal battle with dandruff—a common woe for many, especially during winter! Picture those pesky flakes dotting your dark clothes, causing embarrassment and frustration. But why does dandruff love to make its appearance during the colder months? Winter’s dry air and decreased sunlight can upset the balance of the scalp, providing the perfect environment … Read more

Best Shampoos For Thin Damaged Hair

The journey with thin, damaged hair is intricate and personal—a constant quest to find the perfect shampoo that understands and restores. It’s a challenge that resonates deeply, searching for that elusive formula that nurtures fragile strands without overwhelming them. The struggle lies in balancing care and nourishment without sacrificing volume or weighing down delicate locks. … Read more

7 Hair Products You Need This Winter

In winter your hair needs a little bit of extra love Today, let’s dive into the magic of some holy grail products that  will transform your locks this winter. Ready for a hair revolution? Let’s go! SheaMoisture Jamaican Castor Oil Strengthening and Restore Shampoo Buy it on Amazon Winter air is typically drier, which can … Read more

Best Products To Neutralize The Effect Of Hard Water. Part 2

Hard water is a term used to refer to water that’s full of minerals. Magnesium and calcium are two of the most common and abundant metals found in tap water across the world.  And here’s the problem: these minerals build up and harden on your hair, ultimately leaving it brittle and lifeless. In the previous … Read more

Best Shampoos For Oily Scalps

When it comes to shampoos for oily scalp, it’s important to ditch certain ingredients in your shampoo – namely, heavy moisturizers that can weigh your hair down and make it look greasier, like coconut oil, shea butter, and honey.  Another good idea is to steer clear from silicones. Silicones coat your strands to lock in … Read more

What’s in Your Shampoo: Preservatives and Parabens You Should Stay Away From

Modern shampoo formulas are loaded with a plethora of chemicals that your strands never really asked for, like preservatives and parabens. These ingredients are likely to be accumulated by the organism and have a negative impact on health in the long run. Besides detergents, shampoos have a great number of preservatives listed on their labels. … Read more

Most Common Harmful Ingredients in Your Shampoo: Detergents

Have you ever checked the ingredients list before buying a shampoo? When picking out a shampoo, we often look for an incredible smell or stylish bottle. But the ugly truth about those attractive and standing out shampoo bottles is that they may  have a great number of harmful ingredients inside. What shampoo ingredients are more … Read more