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About us

Happy Hair Solutions is a young and ambitious startup founded by Belarusian domain experts. We are currently located in Canada, Ontario. We are open to any discussion about the product, its marketing strategy and promotion.

At Happy Hair Solutions Inc. we are embracing the latest technologies bringing them together with the tips and recommendations by top-notch hair care experts to create hair care plans tailored for your needs.

We developed HairCare App, a unique product that guides you on your journey to healthy, smooth and glossy locks. Our hair care programs will help you  to transform stressful strands into luxurious mane. Every person deserves great hair. Forget about those pricey and extraordinary treatments that do more to drain your wallet than treat your strands. With HairCare App, establishing your hair care regimen becomes simple and easy - just follow our instructions, log your results,  learn hair care hacks by our articles and the result won’t take long.

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